3 Rabbit Care Tips for Summer

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Most rabbit undergo a huge shedding season during summer time. So, are your fur kids ready for the hot summer?

Here are 3 TOP care tips for rabbits owners to care for your bunnies during this warm season!

3 Rabbit Care Tips For Summer

Rabbit Care: Toilet/Litter Training Your Rabbit

Monday, 4 July 2016

Rabbits can be TOILET-TRAINED, and this is perhaps one of the best things about having a bunny as a pet - THEY ARE SO CLEAN.

So you may have adopted your bunny from rabbit rescue groups, and you were told that your new bunny was supposed to be toilet trained. But somehow after bringing the bunny home, your found your bunny peeing at every corner of the house! Eek!

Or for various reasons, you may have gotten your bunny from a pet shop and you really need to teach your bunny where to poop and pee so that you can let it out for a longer playtime, or plan your bunny a cage-free environment, but you don't know how to start training.

No worries! I'm here to give you some tips.

Here's what I did for Dou Dou's toilet training.